Tap on screen to change the ball angle of motion. Don’t touch with obstacles. Read More »

Earth Attack


The earth is being attacked! Many evil planets invaded the solar system and want to destroy the Earth. There are several planets evil, explosives, glass and giant! But the Earth will attack! And the Earth will not be alone, the moon will be together in this battle. There are many weapons, evolve, increase its speed and survive to Destroy all ... Read More »



Unlike about every other game, the object of this one is to fall off the screen. Counter intuitive, and it gets hard very quickly. Read More »

Perfect Box


Drop the box in such a way that it fits onto the platform perfectly. It may sound simple, but this touch game will take super precision and timing to master it! Touch it to grow the box and release to let it fall! Read More »



tap the screen to move the big gum and make the small gum collide with the big ones when they are the same color Read More »

Can I eat it?


Can I eat it? is a fun game for kids and grown ups, too. Your task is to decide what to eat and what not. The game is over when you don´t allow to the girl eat what she can eat or when you let her eat what she shouldn´t eat. Read More »